Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spoil me Sunday

It's Sunday. Great. I am not a big fan of Sundays because it means that the weekend is over and the next day is Monday, which is even worse than Sunday. To make this day a little bit more enjoyable I try to always make time for a little pampering session. Everything that I don't really find time for during the week I do on Sundays to get all niiiice and fresh for the week ;)

Today I... am going to show you what I do on my "Spoil me Sundays", I think everyone should have a spoil me Sunday every once in a while. We all deserve some pampering after a long week, right?

Where do I start? Oh.. nice, long shower. I like showering, a lot. It makes me feel like a new person, especially on Sundays. I do the usual stuff that I do in the shower but additionally I use a hair mask and a scrub. The scrub I have at the moment is heavenly. It was a bit pricy but definitely worth it. It's by Sabon and I got the "Tropic" kind. They have several different kinds of this scrub and they all smell so nice. I actually had difficulties deciding which one I was going to get, but I ended up getting this one cause it smells so summery.

All of the Sabon scrubs are made with natural oils and Dead Sea Salt and leave the skin so, so soft. I can't even describe it. The oils in the scrubs really moisturize the skin and the Dead Sea Salt removes all the dead skin cells. For me there is a major difference in how my skin feels after I used this scrub. Must be the best I have ever had.

During the winter time I have been using the Body Shop Shea Body Butter when I got out of the shower. I have extremely dry skin in the winter months so the combination of the oils of the scrub and this body butter was great to moisturize my skin. Now that it's finally getting a bit warmer I feel like the oils from the scrub will be enough. Still I want to tell you about the Shea Body Butter. It smells absolutely fantastic, kind of like warm nut cookies or something like that. It's hard to describe the smell, but next to this amazing smell it has a very nice texture and is just extremely rich and leaves the skin feeling so good. There is not much more I can say here, but I really recommend this to anyone who has kinda dry skin. This will solve the problems, at least it does for me.

Today I also used a face mask. I recently bought this Montagne Jeunesse  Tropical Peel Off mask. It's a nice peel of mask, left my skin nice and soft, and it smells like you are rubbing a fruit smoothy on your face. Very nice. I like that it actually comes in a container so you can take just the amount you want.

Another product that I have recently been using about once a week is the Clarins Huile Santal Face Treatment Oil. I got a sample of this at Sephore a month ago or so and I will definitely buy this once I am done with the sample. A few drops of this go a long way, which is why my sample is still quite full. This oil is supposed to sooth and comfort dry skin and prevents moisture loss. I have a bit of combination skin, which is why I mainly just use this on the dry parts of the face, but I like it a lot.

 I also did my nails today. I got some new nail polishes last week, but since I was busy with exams I didn't actually try them yet. So I was quite excited. I am not very good at nail art and I don't like it when it's too fancy anyways but I love accent nails. I am a big fan of Leigh Ann from Leigh Ann Says and she made a whole video about how to do tri-accents. It's unbelievably easy and looks great and I have been doing this ever since I watched the video and they always turn out quite nice. I am also a big fan of the new mint-green nail polish that I got ;)

I am a bit obsessed with oral hygiene and white teeth. I whiten my teeth a lot, not only on Sundays, but I thought I'd throw this in here. At the moment I use the 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel by Plus White. I got a little package were it came with the Whitening Gel, a Pre Whitening Rinse and a little whitening tray and I am very happy with this. I saw a lot of reviews about this product on Youtube, so I had to try it and I recommend it to anyone. It's super easy, quick and quite inexpensive, most importantly it actually works very well.

Well that was it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post. :) What products do you guys use on your "Spoil me Sundays"? Any products I need to try?

If you have any comments or questions just comment down below. I will definitely answer. I am looking forward to hearing from you guys.

XO Linda

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