Thursday, May 23, 2013

First Glossybox | Unboxing

About 3 weeks ago I decided that I really wanted to have a beauty subscription box and looked at all the options that are available in Germany. I watched a bunch of Youtube videos to figure out what the best one would be and in the end went with Glossybox.  Right after I ordered I read all these stories of people saying how bad the Glossybox has been for the last several boxes, so I had mixed feelings this morning when it FINALLY arrived. :) It felt really heavy though so that was a good sign I thought.

I have to say I am very happy with this one. It was all original products sizes except one and even that was a decent sized sample. The value of the box was really good as well. But let me tell you what was actually in there:

Neutrogena- Bodybalm with Nordic Berry
This was the first thing that caught my eye, obviously because it was the biggest one. I have heard of Neutrogena's Nordic Berry line but then again I don't even know what Nordic Berries are supposed to be. Anyone? Nordic Berries? Well I goggled those mystery berries and they are amber-colored berries, similar to raspberries or blackberries. They are also called cloudberries and they actually do look like little orange clouds, you should check them out. ;)   Anyways they contain very high levels of Vitamin C, so I guess that's good for your skin?! Well that's what Neutrogena says and they even tell me that "the hydration level of my skin is going to experience a threefold increase". Well that just sounds to good to be true, but we'll see right? I'll let you know about my hydration levels. ;)

BIGSEXYHAIR- Big Volume Conditioner
This conditioner I am very excited to try. I have heard a lot of great things about the BIGSEXYHAIR products and since I seem to have volume-resistant hair maybe this will be my new miracle product. I sure hope so. I have really, really fine hair and I have tried a whole lot of things but nothing works. If you guys know any wonder-weapons for flat, fine hair please tell me!!!

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics- Lip Blush
First when I saw this I got excited, but then I thought that it probably won't be as good as my chubby sticks. I wanted to try it straight away and I was a bit shocked. This product glides on super easily and is so pigmented and opaque it's crazy. The one I got is bright red and I felt like a clown, but I guess that's just me because I never really use super bright lipsticks or anything. It's a stain as well, it's really hard to get off. I was very surprised about how this felt on my lips. It doesn't feel like anything is there at all and it doesn't seem to be drying either. So I guess this might be a really nice product but I am not sure I will like it that much, just because of the color. I'll try it again, but for 15€ it's quite expensive and I would probably never buy it.
Sans Soucis- Eye Shadow 240 Navy Blue
This seems to be a very nice eye shadow. I really like the color, it's a nice dark blue which is definitely useable. I don't wear blue too often but sometimes. The shadow is super soft and not chalky or anything so I'm excite to try this. 

Eucerin- Even Brighter Day Cream SPF30
It's always good to have SPF day cream I guess. I can definitely use one now that summer is supposed to come. Summer is taking it's time but at least I am prepared now. ;) We don't want to get all burned and wrinkly. Isn't that right?  


That was the May Glossybox.  I am not disappointed at all, I am actually quite happy with it. Plus there was this cute Glossybox Notebook in there for all "my glossy notes". So sassy. ;)

Have you tried any of the products that were in there? What do you think of them? If you would like to read more in depth reviews of any of the products let me know.


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