Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kiehl's Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub | Review

Last week I went to the city to specifically check out the Kiehl's counter in one of the department stores because I had heard great things about their products. The Kiehl's guy was really nice and told me all about the company, how it started and A LOT more than that, it was fun though.

I was a bit overwhelmed and didn't really know if I wanted to buy something/ what I wanted to buy, because if I am being honest with myself I have more than enough of almost everything. I then remembered though that I needed a new facial scrub because mine was almost empty. The guy showed me three different ones and I ended up buying the Pineapple Papaya one.

I know that Kiehl's products are perfume free, which is why this product smells nothing like Pineapple or Papaya, but for some reason I can't get this into my head. Every time I have applied this product during the past week I was always a bit "surprised" that this doesn't even have a hint of a fruity scent. It just smells like pharmacy in my opinion, but I mean in the end the smell is not important.

After this week I have to say though that I am really not a big fan of this product. It's alright but definitely not worth its' price. In my opinion it doesn't have enough scrub grains in it at all. The three little
orange dots you can see in the picture are the scrub grains, there are a few more white ones but really not a lot. When I apply this to my face most of my face does not have any scrub grains and thus I can't exfoliate my face as I would like to.

About twice a week I get the urge to "deep-clean" my face. That's when I use a scrub. This one really isn't of much help though. To me it's more like a face wash, that's how little it peels. I much rather use the Neutrogena Daily Face Scrub. It has much more scrub grains and it still is very gentle to the skin because the grains are very fine and soft.

This Kiehl's one does leave the skin feeling nice, but not peeled and fresh and clean like a different facial scrub would. I really regret buying this, but I'll just use it as face wash or something.

The man at the Kiehl's counter gave me a lot of samples which I really enjoy. Especially one of the moisturizers, a toner and the BB cream they have. So I should have saved my money and gotten one of the those, but like the Germans say:
Later you're always smarter. ;)

Have you tried this scrub? Am I just using it wrong or something? What are your favorite Kiehl products? I want to hear all about it.


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