Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review | Lush Mask of Magnaminty

I just recently discovered Lush for myself. For me Lush has always been "that soap store". I knew they had a lot of soaps and bath bombs but was unaware of the miracle products hidden there. ;)

So about a week ago I went to Lush and bought some stuff. A body lotion, a foot mask and a face mask. I was super excited to try everything, especially the face mask. I got the Mask of Magnaminty, basically for one reason: I love mint! I thought it would be great to but a load of mint paste onto my face plus the mask smelled amazing. Well minty.

I put the mask on as soon as I got home and what can I say? It was (minty) haven. The mask was cooling when I put it on my face and gave the skin this fresh sensation which I can't really describe. It felt like the mask was really cleaning out every single pore, it was so nice that I left it on for way longer than I was supposed to. Then I washed it off and peeled my face a bit with the almond pieces which are in the mask. My skin was so soft and clean, I was amazed. I was always happy with the results of regular drugstore masks, but I have to say this feeling was a lot better.

My skin didn't feel dehydrated, like it did with regular masks. I always had the urge to put on moisturizer straight after I washed masks off. With this mask I felt like my skin had everything it needed and I couldn't stop touching my face because it felt so great.

Next I want to try one of the fresh masks they have. However I do highly recommend the Mask of Magnaminty.

What are your experiences with Lush masks? Which one is your favorite? Can't wait to hear your recommendations.

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