Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review | Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

As a Nivea Ambassador I was sent Nivea's newest product- the Nivea "In-Shower Body Lotion". The little brochure that came with the product got me really interested since it claimed that you apply this in the shower, wash it off, get out of the shower and dry yourself as usual with your towel and then you don't need to apply lotion anymore and can get dressed straight away. It basically is an alternative to regular body lotion.

I try to apply lotion once a day and most of the time manage to do so, but sometimes I get lazy -or I just don't want to feel greasy -or I just don't have time. So I was excited to see if it actually worked, because it would be a great alternative for when I am in a hurry or for the summer when it's hot and I don't feel like putting on lotion.

So I have tested this product over the past week and I have to say I am surprised. I was quite skeptical, but I really like the In- Shower Body Lotion. My skin does feel hydrated and soft when I get out of the shower and it does feel like lotion was applied. There are two different kinds of this lotion, one for normal skin, one for dry skin. The one I got was for dry skin, which was good because I usually have dry skin. It's not overly hydrating though, it definitely wouldn't be enough for the winter but for the summer this will be great.

Overall I really like the product and would recommend it -I am not saying that because Nivea gave it to me for free. However there is one point that could be improved, the packaging. The bottle gets really slippery during the process of applying the lotion in the shower and has slipped out of my hands several times. A pump bottle would be much better.

Have you guys tried this product already? What do you think? I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
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